Vehicle, Chassis & Body

Our products integrate the full range of active and passive systems, resulting in comprehensive vehicle safety and dynamics. Just drive and enjoy safety

  • Safety Topics
    Safety Topics

    Traffic jams, time pressure and information overkill: Innovative driver assistance systems support the driver in keeping an overview.

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  • eHorizon
    Electronic Horizon

    Predictive Driving with eHorizon Solutions for commercial vehicles.

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  • Key as a Service
    Key as a Service

    Remote Cloud Key as retrofit for commercial vehicles fleets and service providers

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  • Body Control Products
    Body Control Products

    Prepare your commercial vehicles for future-oriented network architectures with our state-of-the-art body control products.

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  • Pressure Sensors
    Pressure Sensors

    The precise data gathering of our pressure sensors allows control systems to work safe and reliably.

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  • Inertial Measurement Sensors
    Inertial Measurement Sensors

    Our precise inertial measurement sensors provide reliable data for functions such as chassis controllers or electronic braking systems.

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  • Advanced Sensors
    Advanced Sensors

    Intelligent sensors create the basis for reliable safety functions and thereby ensure save driving conditions.

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  • Chassis Electronics
    Chassis Electronics

    Compact, robust and reliable – our chassis controllers ensure the safety of drivers, passengers and cargo.

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  • Vehicle Control
    Vehicle Control

    Always stay on the go! Our vehicle control systems ensure reliable drive functions and reduce the development effort.

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  • Brakes

    Here you can find information focusing on the topic of Brakes.

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