Transmission Electronics

Here you can all relevant information and products regarding transmission electronics for trucks and buses.

  • On-Highway Transmission ECU
    On-Highway Transmission ECU

    Here you can find all relevant information regarding On-Highway transmission ECU.

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  • Automated Manual Transmission
    Automated Manual Transmission

    The transmission control unit for automated manual transmissions was developed for the usage in light and medium duty commercial vehicle applications.

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  • Electronic Clutch Actuator
    Electronic Clutch Actuator

    The ECA is a rugged electronic clutch actuator for use in commercial vehicles.

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  • Stepped Automatic Transmission
    Stepped Automatic Transmission

    The stepped automatic transmission has two main functions: it controls the functions of the transmission, and the functions of the retarder.

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  • Double Clutch Transmission
    Double Clutch Transmission

    The control unit for dual clutch transmissions for medium-duty vehicles captures and processes all the information required to control the gear shifts.

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