Diesel Vehicles

Here you can find information, products and solutions regarding our diesel technologies in commercial vehicles.

  • Combustion & Torque
    Combustion & Torque

    Please find here relevant information focusing on the topic Combustion & Torque.

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  • Exhaust Management & After-treatment
    Exhaust Management & After-treatment

    Here you can find our solutions for exhaust management and exhaust aftertreatment.

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  • Fuel Supply & Evaporation
    Fuel Supply & Evaporation

    Here you can find information and products regarding the topics fuel supply and evaporation.

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  • Gas Exchange
    Gas Exchange

    Read here everything on the topic of gas exchange.

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  • Lubrication

    Here you can find all information and products focusing on lubrication.

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  • Thermal Management
    Thermal Management

    On these pages you can find everything relevant for thermal management.

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  • Transmission Systems
    Transmission Systems

    Here you can find information and products focusing on our transmission systems.

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  • Injection System
    Injection System

    Here you can find everything on our injection systems for commercial vehicles.

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  • Crankcase Ventilation
    Crankcase Ventilation

    Here you can find all information and products regarding the crankcase ventilation.

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  • Drive Belts
    Drive Belts

    Robust V-ribbed belts for commercial vehicles guarantee high power transmissions.

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  • Engine Mounts
    Engine Mounts

    Mounting solutions ensure that no disturbing vibrations or noises are generated.

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  • Hose Lines
    Hose Lines

    Hose lines for powertrain applications – from fuel systems to the cooling circuit and hoses and lines for the turbocharger.

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