Connectivity & Telematics

Drivers and passengers nowadays expect seamless connectivity solutions, to continue their mobile life in the vehicle.

To be "always on" has become a must have and we create Holistic Connectivity solutions that satisfy this demand best. We offer Antenna solutions that make the Antenna one of the communication centrals in the vehicle. Our mobile device integration offers multiple solutions, be it via WLAN, NFC,  

  • Advanced Antenna Electronics
    Advanced Antenna Electronics

    We offer the full range of antenna electronics for the growing demand of OEM customers and consumers for seamless connectivity solutions.

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  • Telematics

    Our Telematics solutions are the key enabler for a holistic Connectivity between drivers, vehicles and the environment.

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  • Smartphone Integration
    Smartphone Integration

    Seamless Smartphone Integration: For safe use while driving

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  • Predictive Connectivity
    Predictive Connectivity

    Via the cloud our Predictive Connectivity Manager can look into the future to determine network availability and reception quality along the route.

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  • Smart Device Integration
    Smart Device Integration

    Secure and Comfortable

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