Comfort & Security

Making everyday mobility more secure and comfortable. This is the target of our innovative solutions.

Our solutions make driving easier and more comfortable. In addition, they provide a maximum degree of security. This starts when accessing the vehicle and continues seamlessly during the journey. One of our latest innovations the Intelligent Street Light Control goes even beyond and lets also pedestrians and cyclists benefit from our solutions.

  • Access Control Systems
    Access Control Systems

    Providing effective security and more convenient vehicle access

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  • Seat Comfort Systems
    Seat Comfort Systems

    The large variety of functions our Seat Comfort Systems offer appeals not only to frequent drivers.

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  • Smart Autonomous Door
    Smart Autonomous Door

    Our Smart Autonomous Door provides additional comfort and safety when opening and closing the door of your car.

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  • Tire Information Systems
    Tire Information Systems

    Tire Information Systems - Good for Safety, Good for the Environment.

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  • Holistic Hydroplaning Solution
    Holistic Hydroplaning Solution

    By integrating different technologies into one solution, we create an overall safety system for hydroplaning prevention and assistance.

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  • Intelligent Street Lamp
    Intelligent Street Lamp

    Our Intelligent Street Lamp enables clean power and proactive safety for a smart city.

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  • Intelligent Glass Control
    Intelligent Glass Control

    Intelligent Glass Control uses films, which are inserted into the glass that change their transparency through electric control signals.

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