Holistic Connectivity

Holistic Connectivity enables new functions and services in the car and beyond. It integrates mobile and non-mobile living spaces.

The digitalization of mobility is well underway and creating new possibilities to make driving more efficient, safer and more comfortable. At the beginning digitalization in the car and beyond mostly meant the connectivity of Smart Devices and the introduction of online services and apps in the car. This development will continue towards a seamless integration that will remove the borders between mobile and immobile living spaces. Preferences and individual settings of devices will be seamlessly transferred to the vehicle. 
In addition, the ever increasing digitalization and connectivity allows the usage of new data sources for the intelligent management of individual and commercial transport. For example, the evaluation of sensor data enables the vehicles in front to predict critical traffic situations, before they lead to a dangerous situation for subsequent drivers. Likewise data from infrastructure can also be used for more safety and convenience. 
Holistic Connectivity seamlessly networks vehicles worldwide in multiple ways: To the driver, other vehicles, mobile devices, the Internet and to the infrastructure. It is a system consisting of interlinked hardware and software components that thereby enables visible and invisible services.

  • Cloud Connectivity
    Cloud Connectivity

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  • Cyber Security
    Cyber Security

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  • Cellular V2X Communication
    Cellular V2X Communication

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  • 5G Connectivity
    5G Connectivity

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