Electrically Switchable Engine Mount

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Electrically Switchable Engine Mounts

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Electrically Switchable Engine Mounts

This motor bearing with an electrically switchable bypass channel is a hydro-bearing, which has, in addition to the low frequency balanced damping channel, a second connectable channel (bypass). This bypass is balanced in such a way that a frequency selective lowering of the dynamic stiffness is realized based on the hydraulic quenching effects.

Technical Specifications

  • Compact light construction design through innovative bypass concept with an electro-mechanical switching actuator
  • Weight reduction of approximately 10% by using components made of glass fiber-reinforced polyamide (Light weight solution by means of fiber reinforced polyamide components)

Electrically Switchable Engine Mounts

Benefits & Features

  • High driving comfort  
  • Perfect driving dynamics and safety


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