48V eBike drive unit

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48V eBike drive unit

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48V eBike drive unit with built-in continuous variable planetary automatic transmission

Benefits & Features
  • Fully-automatic ride that is seamless in operation
  • Improved weight distribution with a low centre of gravity
  • Reducing the amount of bicycle parts & interfaces
  • Greater frame design freedom for a cleaner looking bike
  • Freely configurable rear wheel and easier installation
  • Simplified installation and maintenance
  • All-in-one solution simplifies supply chain
  • No additional sensors for the gears are required
  • Compatible with belt or chain drive systems
  • High durability and flexibility
Technical Information
  • 2-in-1 drive unit combining both 48V motor and stepless fully automatic transmission
  • CVP (Continuous Variable Planetary) transmission system
  • 48V / 250W / up to 70Nm Torque

Continental eBike System

Continental 48V eBike Drive Unit



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