With the we create a connected car platform that is the backbone of a large number of innovative connected services.

With these innovative offerings, we support a variety of applications and business models, ranging from new services for traditional businesses like car repair shops or commercial fleet management to shared economy approaches like car sharing, onsite refueling, on-demand maintenance or package delivery. A wide choice of integration options supports virtually any existing or newly developed services, processes and systems.

  • Data Monetization Platform
    Data Monetization Platform

    Our Data Monetization Platform allows direct and secure sharing of data for mobility services. All participants stay in full control of their data.

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  • vAnalytics – Incar Data as a Service
    vAnalytics – Incar Data as a Service

    vAnalytics is a cloud-based service platform that gathers data from various sources, analyzes it, and creates services to solve pain points.

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  • Remote Cloud key
    Remote Cloud key

    The Remote Cloud Key (RCK) solution from Continental ITS is a highly scalable, secure cloud managed remote keyless access service for cars.

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