Solutions and services for connecting, controlling and operating vehicles.

One important target for us is to develop intelligent solutions that make driving safer and more comfortable. Therefore we holistically connect vehicles with drivers and passengers, other vehicles and the environment. We create holistic interaction concepts at the interfaces between the driver and the vehicle.

  • Control Units
    Control Units

    Control units combine a variety of functions for more safety and comfort when driving.

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  • Comfort & Security
    Comfort & Security

    Making everyday mobility more secure and comfortable. That is what our innovative solutions offer.

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  • Display Systems
    Display Systems

    Clear, intuitive and focused. Our display systems provide easy orientation even in complex driving situations.

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  • Haptic Controls
    Haptic Controls

    Haptic Controls – Comfortable and intuitive.

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  • Infotainment Systems
    Infotainment – Intelligent infotainment on the go

    Innovative infotainment systems keep the driver always up-to-date, informed, entertained and connected.

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  • Interior Cameras
    Interior Cameras

    Interior Cameras – It can be used for Driver Monitoring or Gesture Recognition.

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  • Connectivity & Telematics
    Connectivity & Telematics

    Drivers and passengers nowadays expect seamless connectivity solutions, to continue their mobile life in the vehicle.

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  • Software Solutions & Services
    Software Solutions & Services

    Approaching new ways, developing new technologies and creating new mobile services is our task.

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  • Surface Materials
    Surface Materials

    Technical and decorative surface materials for the interior of vehicles.

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