Here you can find all relevant information and products on Continental’s software functions related to Dynamics.

  • Braked Curve Intervention
    Braked Curve Intervention

    BCI keeps a vehicle on track if it has stability issues for braked curve situations.

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  • Driver Steering Recommendation
    Driver Steering Recommendation

    The DSR function generates an additional steering wheel torque offset to give the driver advice on how to react the right way.

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  • Dynamic Torque Vectoring
    Dynamic Torque Vectoring

    DTV is a control function to improve agility and the individual characteristic steering behavior of the vehicle.

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  • Powerhop

    Powerhop detects oscillation of the driven wheel velocities in a certain frequency range.

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  • Side-Slip Angle Control Logic
    Side-Slip Angle Control Logic

    A side-slip angle control logic combined with an early and sensitive intervention strategy is able to prevent critical situations.

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