Here you can find all relevant information and products on Continental’s software functions related to Cruising.

  • Adaptive Cruise Control
    Adaptive Cruise Control

    The ACC system behaves as a conventional cruise control system in an open lane condition.

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  • Cruising Chauffeur
    Cruising Chauffeur

    Automated driving (SAE Level 3) for highway/freeway environments excluding entry ramps and exits, including handling of traffic jams and stop-and-go traffic.

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  • Lane Keeping Assist
    Lane Keeping Assist

    The Lane Keeping Assist system proactively supports the driver by keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane within a full speed range.

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  • Off-road Cruise Control
    Off-road Cruise Control

    OCC controls the chosen set-point velocity in off-road terrain by the actuators brakes and engine.

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  • Traffic Jam Assist
    Traffic Jam Assist

    Traffic Jam Assist combines a full speed range Adaptive Cruise Control system with Auto-Go capability, together with a full speed Lane Keeping Assist system.

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