Exhaust Aftertreatment

Please find here our solutions regading exhaust aftertreatment for marine.

  • Temperature Sensors
    Temperature Sensors

    Here you can find all relevant information regarding our temperature sensors.

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  • Catalyst Substrates & Foil Design
    Catalyst Substrates & Foil Design

    Here you can read everything on our catalyst substrates and foil designs.

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  • Exhaust Systems
    Exhaust Systems

    Here you can find all relevant information and products regarding exhaust systems for marine products.

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  • Particulate Filter - PM-METALIT®
    Particulate Matter Filter: PM-METALIT®

    This product is a diesel particulate filter

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  • Electrically Heated Catalyst & Components
    Electrically Heated Catalyst & Components

    Here you can find information on the electrically heated catalysts and components from Continental.

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  • Particulate Filter Lines
    Particulate Filter Lines

    Hose lines featuring sensor technology for exhaust filter cleaning for diesel and gasoline engines forming the interface between particulate filter and control unit.

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  • SCR Lines
    SCR Lines

    Heatable urea hose line for SCR technology

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